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By Hilary Spence

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The enjoyable of naming your child. ahead of you devote your baby to a reputation for all times, flick thru this booklet. ceremonial dinner your mind's eye on an unlimited variety of selections from the modern to the normal, and from the preferred to the delicate. You by no means observed such a lot of how you can christen your child with type and suitability. significant names, musical names, mystical names - they're all during this ebook.

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The lovely but unknown visitor (Bab, Babb, Babe, Babette, Babita, Babs, Barb, Barbetta, Barbie, Barbra, Bas) Barbie see Barbara Barra (Hebrew) 'To choose' (Bara) Barrie (Gaelic) 'Markswoman' Basia (Hebrew) 'Daughter of God' Basile Feminine of Basil Basilia (Greek) 'Queenly, regal'. Feminine of Basil Basima (Arabic) 'Smiling' Bathilda (Teutonic) 'Battle commander'. Traditionally one who fought for honour and truth (Bathilde, Batilda, Batilde) Bathsheba (Hebrew) 'Seventh daughter'. Bathsheba was the wife of King David in Biblical times (Batsheva) Batilda see Bathilda Batista see Baptista Bea see Beata or Beatrice Beata (Latin) 'Blessed, divine one', 'blessed and beloved of God' (Bea) Beathag see Sophia Beatrice (Latin) 'She who brings joy' (Bea, Beatrix, Bee, Beitris, Trix, Trixie, Trixy) Bebba (Swiss from Hebrew) 'God's oath' Bebhin see Bevin Becca see Rebecca Becky see Rebecca Beda (Anglo-Saxon) 'Warrior maiden' Bedelia (Celtic) 'Mighty' (Delia) Bee see Beatrice Behira (Hebrew) 'Brilliant' Beka (Hebrew) 'Half-sister' Bel see Arabella or Isabel Bela (Slavonic) 'White' Belda (French) 'Beautiful lady' Belicia (Spanish) 'Dedicated to God' Belinda (Italian) 'Wise and immortal beauty' (Bella, Belle, Linda, Lindie, Lindy) see also Linda Beline (French/Old German) 'Goddess' Belisama (Latin) Roman divinity like Minerva, goddess of wisdom Belita (Spanish from Latin) 'Beautiful' Bella see Annabelle, Arabella, Belinda, Clarabella or Isabel Bellance (Italian) 'Blonde beauty' (Blanca) Belle (French) 'Beautiful woman'.

A familiar form of Anne (Annetta) Annia see Anya Annie see Anne or Annabelle Annissa (Arabic) 'Charming', 'gracious' Annona (Latin) 'Fruitful', 'annual crops'. The Roman goddess of crops (Annora, Anona, Nona, Nonnie) Annunciata (Latin) 'Bearer of news'. A suitable name for a girl born in March, particularly 24th March, as it derives from the 'Annunciation' – the announcement of the Virgin's conception see also Nunciata Anora (English) 'Light and graceful' Anselma (Norse) 'Divinely protected' (Anselme, Selma, Zelma) Anstice see Anastasia Anthea (Greek) 'Flower-like'.

Very few people actually change their name later in life, so you are looking for something that your child will carry with them for the rest of their life and will come to define them as a unique individual. With the help of this book, though, that whole process can become less daunting and instead become an enjoyable and exciting search for just the right name. Clearly organised in two main sections for girls and boys, this book offers a huge selection of names - with their meanings, origins and variations.

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