New PDF release: 7 Minutes a Day to Promoting Your Book: A Step-by-Step Guide

By Rob Bignell

ISBN-10: 0985873957

ISBN-13: 9780985873950

You’ve self-published your booklet, yet now what? You can’t make advertising it a full-time activity … paintings or tuition is annoying, the home should be wiped clean, the youngsters call for your consciousness … yet we wager you will discover simply 7 mins an afternoon to extend your book’s revenues. in case you can, this is often the booklet for you. This functional, how-to consultant will take you step by step via imposing an easy yet potent advertising plan on your e-book – with simply 7 mins of labor required an afternoon. You’ll entire brief, skillful routines that let you publicize and promote your novel or nonfiction name as you learn the e-book, the entire whereas getting the encouragement and motivation had to preserve you going. You’ll obtain specialist suggestion on subject matters like: # Writing an announcement approximately your name # construction a reasonable web site on your booklet # using social media to reinforce revenues # Arranging e-book readings and interviews # ads at no cost in quite a few markets What are you looking forward to? commence selling your booklet this day!

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