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By Salvador Dali

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Rare, vital quantity during which famed Surrealist expounds — in his inimitably eccentric model — on what portray will be, the historical past of portray, what's sturdy and undesirable portray, the benefits of particular artists, and extra. contains his 50 "secrets" for studying the craft, together with "the mystery of the painter's pointed mustaches."

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The secret of oil-soaked strings serving to mark the geodesic curves of a turgescent nude. 23. The secret of the reason why a great draughtsman should draw while completely naked. 24. The secret for transferring the most immaculate tracings by means of oil paint. 25. The secret for becoming a great colorist by utilizing solely blacks and whites. 26. The secret of Naples yellow. 27. The secret that a painting should dry slowly and naturally, without dryers of any kind. 28. The secret of using ivory black for the underpainting and blue black for the song.

Ten rules for him who wishes to be a painter 1. Painter, it is better to be rich than poor; so learn how to make gold and precious stones come out of your brush. 2. Don't be afraid of perfection: you'll never attain it! 3. Begin by learning to draw and paint like the old masters. After that, you can do as you like; everyone will respect you. 4. Don't throw to the dogs either your eye or your hand or your brain, for you will need them all if you are to be a painter. 5. If you are one of those who believe that modern art has surpassed Vermeer and Raphael, don't read this book, just go right on in your blissful idiocy.

This might seem merely another typical Dalinian exaggeration, yet it is a rigorously objective fact: in 1948 a few persons in the world know how to manufacture an atomic bomb, but there does not exist a single person on the globe who knows today what was the composition of the mysterious juice, the “medium” in which the brothers Van Eyck or Vermeer of Delft dipped their brushes to paint. No one knows—not even I! The fact that there exists no precise recipe of that period which might guide us, and that no chemical or physical analysis can explain to us today the “majestic imponderables” of the “pictorial matter” of the old masters, has often caused our contemporaries to assume and to believe that the ancients possessed secrets which they jealously and fanatically guarded.

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