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Jacob Boehme’s Aurora (Morgen Röte im auffgang, 1612) exercised an enormous open or underground effect on renowned and mystical faith, poetry, and philosophy from Germany to England to Russia. this gorgeous and hugely unique paintings containing components of alchemical, esoteric, and anticlerical suggestion is a portal to the cultural, medical, and theological currents at the eve of the Thirty Years' struggle.

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Within the Northern culture, the solar is represented by means of the Goddess Sunna, and the Moon by means of her divine brother Mani. they offer their names to 2 of the times of the week, and their rays shine down upon us, giving lifestyles and thought. This devotional is devoted to them, and to their kin. they're greater than mere personifications; they convey pleasure and peace to each day of our lives.

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In Maharashtra, Sanskrit is still alive and well within the educational system: there are eight major independent research institutes in Pune and Bombay; six universities that offer degrees up to the master’s and doctoral levels; thirty-three major Sanskrit manuscript collections; and nine Indological journals published in the state. The personnel needed to maintain this large educational tradition is extensive. The bulk of that personnel is increasingly composed of women. With one retirement, the University of Pune’s Department of Sanskrit will consist entirely of women.

Gangamma and her sisters are characterized in both narrative and ritual as moving/fluid goddesses; they traditionally reside in open-air sites under trees or on boundaries between village settlements and paddy fields and often actively resist human suggestions for enclosed shrines. The seven sisters, although they may have children and are called ‘‘mother/Amma,’’ are not householders. For their annual festivals ( jataras), they are called to village centers, temporary structures are often built around them, and village boundaries are literally ‘‘bound’’ shut so that the goddesses will remain stable long enough through these ritual periods so that they may be served, fed, satiated.

Collins, Elizabeth Fuller. 1997. Pierced by Murugan’s Lance: Ritual, Power, and Moral Redemption among Malaysian Hindus. DeKalb: Northern Illinois University Press. Hancock, Mary Elizabeth. 1999. Womanhood in the Making: Domestic Ritual and Public Culture in Urban South India. Boulder, CO: Westview. Jamison, Stephanie. 1996. Sacrificed Wife/Sacrificer’s Wife: Women, Ritual, and Hospitality in Ancient India. New York: Oxford University Press. Khandelwal, Meena. 2004. Women in Ochre Robes: Gendering Hindu Renunciation.

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